About Me

I am a teacher by hobby as I enjoy the win-win situation with my students. I have been teaching German for about 20 years now, But it was never planned it is rather a twist of destiny. It started when my niece approached me to help her with the college German exams that she had, I decided to help her, she was so happy with the result that she pushed me to start tutoring as a hobby so I gave it a try. I am a lawyer by profession, But teaching has a different feel about it. I always liked helping people so I gave it a try as a weekends hobby and soon realised that I enjoyed it and could do this more often. I try to impart my students with as much knowledge as I can because conversing and communicating is an art in itself. From years of legal practice, I have learnt that Good communication can make or mar any opportunity for success. A student's journey is not theirs alone but also of all the people who teach them something and I too would like to be a part of that. I like to make learning simple as everything is achievable with smart ideas, a will and a little bit of effort. Not every student is the same so it is of the utmost importance to teach every student in a way is best reciprocated by them, in a way that is fun. We succeed together. Each one of you is very important to me. Your success is my endeavour... So I thank you for going through this article, hope it helps.
Thank You for your time,
Seema Bhogate